9 must-visit places in Antalya's city center!

9 must-visit places in Antalya's city center!

This list includes just a few of the places to visit in the center of Antalya. The city is worth exploring as it is a destination full of historical, cultural and natural riches.

Kaleici (Ancient Harbor): Kaleici, a historical harbor and the old part of the city, is famous for its narrow streets, historical houses and shops. Wandering here is a great opportunity to experience the historical atmosphere.

Yivli Minaret: This minaret, which belongs to the Seljuk period, is one of the symbols of Antalya. Yivli Minaret is located in the center of Kaleici and is an important building reflecting the history of the city.

Hadrian's Gate: Built by the Roman Emperor Hadrian as an entrance to the city, this gate attracts attention with its architectural features from the ancient period. It is an important point for those who want to see the historical ruins in the city.

Antalya Museum: This museum, which exhibits the rich archaeological history of Antalya, contains many ancient artifacts and ruins from ancient times. It is especially hosts  artifacts from the Lycian region.

Antalya Clock Tower: Located in Kaleiçi, the Clock Tower is a building belonging to the Ottoman period. This tower, which witnesses the history of the city, is one of the important points to visit in the region.

Duden Waterfall: Located just outside the city center, Duden Waterfall is famous for its immense natural beauty. The cave created under the waterfall offers an impressive view.

Ataturk Street: The main shopping street in the city center, Atatürk Street is famous for its shops, cafes and souvenir shops. It is an ideal place to shop and experience city life.

Hıdırlık Tower: This tower, also located in Kaleiçi, is an important symbol reflecting the historical and cultural richness of Antalya. It offers a beautiful view to visitors with its historical atmosphere.

Konyaalti Beach: It is an impressive coastal area that stands out as one of the beauties of Antalya, known for its turquoise waters and magnificent views. Long and sandy beaches, clean sea and various water sports opportunities promise a pleasant sea vacation to its visitors. Modern walking paths, parks and cafes along the coast make Konyaaltı Beach an ideal place for those who want to relax and enjoy social activities.

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